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What are Singapore Airlines’ baggage allowance and fees on flights from USA to India?

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According to the latest information in the baggage section of Singapore Airlines’ official website, the airline allows travelers from the USA to carry two pieces of checked baggage in the Economy Class. Singapore Airlines’ checked baggage allowance is a weight of 23 kg for each of the two pieces on flights between the USA and India. The airline’s checked baggage policy permits a bag of 158 cm (62in) in sum of length, width and height. However, only one piece of checked baggage is permitted to infants in the economy flights of Singapore Airlines from US to India.

Travelers are required to comply with Singapore Airlines’ baggage restrictions for their own security and comfort on board. Checked bags with such items as laptop, medicines, jewelry, business documents, silverware, cash money, and other valuable items are not allowed on board. The packing of these items into checked baggage is forbidden. If the permissible weight or size of checked baggage is exceeded, you will be put to Singapore Airlines’ excess baggage fees.

The US travelers to India can carry only one piece of cabin baggage in the Economy class on fights of Singapore Airlines. 7 kg is the acceptable weight and 115 cm is the permissible size of the cabin bag for Economy class flyers. If Singapore Airlines’ cabin baggage allowance is exceeded in size or weight, the cabin bag will be considered as checked baggage and passed on to the aircraft cargo compartment. It will cost you excess baggage charges.

Singapore Airlines allows India-bound US travelers to carry some articles on board, within the weight limits of cabin baggage. The allowed items in the cabin include umbrella, walking stick, camera, laptop, overcoat, lady handbag, reading material, infant’s food, etc. However, Singapore Airlines’ cabin and checked baggage policy may change if the flight from USA to India is interlined with any other airline in the network, on the route.

Singapore Airlines may modify any details of baggage policy, baggage fees, baggage restrictions and excess baggage charges at any time and without notification. Get in touch with our travel specialist for any other query at 1-800-615-3969 / books international flights from major destinations of the USA to India with Singapore Airlines at the lowest airfare. Check with Indian Eagle the lowest airfare deals on Singapore Airlines from USA to India.

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