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Different roles of auto-rickshaws in India

We often write about tourist trains which are mostly for luxury travel. If you are on a trip to India for shooting a documentary or a short film or photographs on local life in cities and towns, auto-rickshaw ride is a must. It is full of thrills and spills. Indian roads cannot be imagined without auto-rickshaws plying like jets. Forget the Metro and AC buses just for one day. Do ride an auto and catch glimpses of life around when you are in India. Indian Eagle takes on the different roles of auto-rickshaws in day-to-day life of Indians.

stories of auto rickshaws in India, auto ride with school children

Auto ride is fun for children and high school students. It is part of the album of school life for them in small towns of India.

Auto-rickshaw is the most convenient mode of transport in the cities and towns of India. Autos ply through narrow lanes and zip through traffic to take passengers to their destinations on time.

autorickshaws with bollywood movie posters, autorickshaws in hindi movies, story of auto ride in India

Are you a Bollywood freak? Then, an auto journey is one of the best things to do in India. Many auto-rickshaws display posters of yesteryear Bollywood movies both inside and outside.

If you seem to get lost in a new city or town, auto drivers are the best guys to help you out. They are living smartphones equipped with Google map apps.

photos of autorickshaws in rainy season, auto rickshaws on roads in rains

Auto drivers pull down plastic sheets on both sides to offer water-proof ride when it rains in torrents. Autos are safe street shuttles during the rainy season.

Feeling curious about the ways of life in a city and itchy to know about political strife in a town? You will get to hear from auto drivers while commuting in their autos. They are moving guidebooks.

crowded autorickshaws, auto rickshaws during transport strikes in India

Auto-rickshaws are never at rest even during transport strikes in any place. They rule the streets when bus and metro service comes to a standstill for the night.

If you wish to pick up a local lingo, regular auto ride is a must. Be it Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata or Hyderabad, auto drivers are great local language teachers. will add to the fun of your trip to India by booking the cheapest flight for you.

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