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10 different varieties of dosa in Hyderabad

Gone are the days when Dosa used to be a typical Hyderabadi delicacy. Hyderabad has lost its monopoly over the dish as it has rolled into the cuisines of other communities all over India. However, the delicious varieties of Dosa that Hyderabad City offers are not available in any other part of the country. Apart from Masala Dosa which was listed among the Top 10 Indian Foods in 2012, the City of Pearl caters other nine different types of dosa. Indian Eagle introduces you to 10 dosa varieties which Hyderabadis are proud of.

Chocolate Dosa

chocolate dosa in hyderabad, different varieties of dosa in south india

Chocolate Dosa is a moderately soft dosa, flavored with Nutella. It is a favorite of chocolate lovers for its irresistible appeal to taste buds.

Mysore Masala Dosa

south indian dosa, dosa types in Hyderabad

Mysore Masala Dosa is a unique variety of dosa among the South Indian breakfast dishes. It is yummy, irresistible, stomach-comforting and pocket-friendly delicacy.

Pav Bhaji Dosa

different dosa varieties in hyderabad

Pav Bhaji Dosa offers a mix of South Indian and North Indian flavors in taste. If you want to make your Hyderabad trip a memorable one, this South Indian dish with North Indian essence is a must try.

American Chopsuey Dosa

different dosa types in Hyderabad, south Indian dosa varieties

Are your taste buds fond of fusion delicacies? American Chopsuey Dosa, an Indo-Chinese fusion dish, will fulfill your cravings in Hyderabad City. This variant of Dosa is stuffed with fried noodles and served with yummy sauce.

Spring Roll Dosa

spring roll dosa in hyderabad, different dosa types in south india

Spring Roll Dosa is no less yummy than other the types of dosa. It is stuffed with a Chinese-inspired filling which is made with sprouts, onion slices and pan-tossed cabbage. Spring Roll Dosa is served with sambhar and coconut chutney which are typically South Indian in taste.

Paper Dosa

10 different dosas to eat in south india

Paper dosa is larger and crispier than other variants of dosa. It tastes like a masala dosa. As the name goes, paper dosa is as thin as paper. It is served with sambhar, coconut chutney and spiced potato curry.

Neer Dosa

authentic hyderabadi delicacies, masala dosa in hyderabad

Hyderabad has borrowed this type of dosa from the Udupi cuisine of Karnataka. Neer Dosa is the thinnest and softest of all dosa types because of its watery content. It is very crispy due to its wafer thinness.

Set Dosa

10 dosa types in hyderabad, south indian food culture

The thickest of all dosa types, Set Dosa is a set of two dosas; one is piled on the other. If your taste buds crave for something crispy, set dosa cannot serve them. Also known as fluffy pancake, it is served with coconut chutney.

Pesarattu Dosa

what to eat in hyderabad, masala dosa among top 10 foods in India

A genuine Andhra Pradesh dish, Pesarattu Dosa is different from usual dosa. Made from the paste of green moong dal, this non-crispy dosa type is stuffed with upma and pesarattu. The combination of coconut chutney and ginger chutney makes it a delight for taste buds.

Mexican Delight Dosa

Hyderabad food culture, hyderabad cuisine, dosa varieties in south India

This variant of dosa is inspired by the Mexican cuisine. Stuffed with the filling of some Mexican ingredients, Mexican Delight Dosa will surely add a twist to your Hyderabad travel.

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2 comments on “10 different varieties of dosa in Hyderabad

  1. Journeymart
    May 19, 2014

    Really nice post, hyderabadi cuisine has all the makings of life-long addictions.

  2. Foodaholix
    May 23, 2014

    Interesting. Where do you get Chopsuey dosa in Hyderabad?

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