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Kolkata during monsoon

“All can hear, but only the sensitive can understand” the song of the rain, according to the poet Kahlil Gibran. However, you don’t need a very sensitive mind to enjoy a monsoon holiday in Kolkata City. A little love for rains, a little passion for wondering, an eye for beauty, a camera for photography and a few greedy taste buds for food will do wonder during your Kolkata travel in monsoon. Indian Eagle, apart from booking the cheapest flight to Kolkata, shares some rare tips to make your monsoon trip a wonderful travel story.

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You might have seen the Victoria Memorial with sunrise or sunset in the backdrop. The soft rays of the morning and the evening sun blend with the white splendors of the monument to cast a spell over the eyes. Have you ever seen the beauty of this Kolkata attraction in rains? The Victoria Memorial in the shower of raindrops looks as attractive as a maiden draped in a white piece of cloth. Drenched in rains, the green cover fencing around the monument makes the sight too wonderful to be left unclicked.

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Your monsoon story of Kolkata will remain incomplete without a rainy day on the Hooghly River (another name of the Ganga in West Bengal). A boat ride across the river will be risky if it rains. Do watch the raindrops falling into the river and losing themselves while sitting on the ghat (bank) of the Dakshineswari Temple. Some boys swimming in the water near the submerged steps of the ghat make an interesting sight for photography.

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Do in Kolkata what Bengalis do during the monsoon. Grab local snacks such as aloo chop, beguni, vegetable chop, fish cutlet, mochar chop, onion chop and fuluri with some perched rice and smoking hot tea to experience the typical monsoon food culture of Bengal. Bengalis do not spend a single rainy evening without a plateful of jhalmuri mixed with aloo chop and flavored with mustard oil, no matter how urban and modern they are.

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Bengalis are born with passion for cricket. It is very common to see local boys play cricket in the lanes and alleys of north Kolkata. Even rainfall cannot keep them indoors. Their enthusiasm for this sporty indulgence runs high when it rains. If you are fond of both cricket and monsoon, go out in the rain and see the madness of young cricketers while holidaying in Kolkata during monsoon.

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If you wish to live some romantic moments of monsoon in the city, spend a rainy day at Princep Ghat. Princep Ghat on the Hooghly River bank is an all-time visit, whether it is morning or evening. A few Bollywood romantic songs like “Piu bole piya bole” in the movie Parineeta have been shot here. It is one of the most popular film shooting locations in Kolkata. Visit to Princep Ghat on a rainy day will be a memory to cherish forever.

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Maidan is the greenest and quietest part of the cityscape. It can be called the green belt of Kolkata. Monsoon adds to the luxuriance of greenery sprawling over Maidan. The place boasts a pleasant ambience with chirping of birds. Only the shout of the boys playing football in the field is heard amidst the silence of Maidan. Take a walk around and spend a lazy morning or afternoon under an umbrella when it rains. The joy will deepen if you can manage to ride a horse-drawn carriage in the rains.

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  1. Mystic
    June 27, 2014

    Missing Kolkata – the city of my childhood. Must pay it a visit soon.

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