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Life around Charminar during Ramadan

No matter how cosmopolitan Hyderabad has become, the Old City area retains its age-old charm that is unique. The Charminar is the heart of the Old City. Though the monument holds attraction of the place throughout the year, it is the Ramzan bazaar sprawling around the Mughal architecture Charminar that draws thousands of visitors in the holy month (Ramadan) of the year. The market beats with footfalls, buzzes with cacophony of hawkers, teems with makeshift shops, crawls with two wheelers, and gasps for air during Ramzan. All these create a thing of beauty just as seven different colors are blended into one color that is white. Tomorrow is Eid. So, the Ramzan bazaar is full of hustles and bustles, today. Indian Eagle presents a photo story of the life around the Charminar during Ramadan in Old City Hyderabad.

Old City market Hyderabad, Ramazan bazaar around Charminar

The gathering of visitors, buyers & sellers around the base of the Charminar .

ramazan bazaar around Charminar, Old city market Hyderabad

A view of the Ramzan special fruit bazaar on ground (from the gallery-like corridor on the first floor of the Charminar)

Old City Hyderabad during ramadan, Ramzan market near Charminar

One of the tens of temporary stalls making and selling delicacies in the Ramzan bazaar near the Charminar.

food stalls in Ramzan bazaar near Charminar, stories of Old City Hyderabad

Food stalls serving Hyderabadi snacks to people in the Ramzan bazaar.

pictures of Ramzan market in Old City Hyderabad, a day in Old City during Ramadan

One of the makeshift stalls selling things for kids and women in the Ramzan bazaar, the Old City

Market around Charminar in Old City, Ramadan in Hyderbad

A crowd of burqa-clad women busy bargaining with the sellers and hawkers in the Ramzan bazaar behind the Charminar.

Old City Ramzan market, Ramadan in Hyderabad, Indian Eagle travel blog

A Hyderabadi biscuit seller waiting for buyers amidst the crowds around him in the Ramzan bazaar.

attar in old city market Hyderabad, where to buy attar near Charminar, Indian Eagle travel blog

Pure attar to buy in the market near the Charminar in the Old City.

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2 comments on “Life around Charminar during Ramadan

  1. Sakshi Raina
    August 2, 2014

    Amazing photographs! Captures the essence of the place perfectly šŸ™‚

  2. Renuka
    August 2, 2014

    Wow…Pictures are amazing! I have been there twice, but didn’t have the courage to go during the festive time. It’s too crowded and chaotic. Hats off to you for clicking such good photos!

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